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This list of sound clips covers some of the many sources
of diverse sound material I have available.
These were originally captured in .WAV format -
some, a few years ago now, but I have now
compressed these all to MP3 - producing a huge saving in
space and bandwidth. This has meant that I can now make
many of the files available for down-load directly from
this site, or to listen to on-line - some make take some 10s of
seconds to down-load to your machine and this shouldn't really
be attempted unless you have a good connection
eg. >250kbit/sec.

The various sources include Danny Rampling's EuroMix,
Pete Tong's Essential Selection and Judge Jools early
evening Saturday programme on the
BBC Radio 1 Channel in the UK.

The Science fiction material is taken from Star Trek,
Blade Runner, Red Dwarf, The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy,
Babylon 5, and 2001 & 2010 A Space Odyssey.
The sound clips are mostly decent stereo or mono MP3 quality...

Lets see what's out there, engage..

1. Up-to-the-minute. Trance.
Updated - 14/5/2006.
Paul Van Dyk - and The Politics of Dancing.
he just did the POD set at the ANU bar in
Canberra and the track here is from the CD,
Track 11 - from the POD CD I - see ..
Paul Van Dyk website.
His stuff is great... Check this Track out...
This is the UK TV Channel 4 TV ad. for 'DiscoTechque',
the (then) new double album from GateCrasher(Sheffield).
It really says more than you at first may imagine..
and well the truth always 'outs'.
"Theirs is no ordinary life.. They have a secret - by day
they look normal but by night things change. They hot up,
they go a bit wild, they get lost in their dreams and their
fantasies. Its like being in a film and living out the soundtrack.
It's the music that does it ... ITS THE MUSIC..."
GateCrasher UK
This is from John's BBC radio One programme which used to
be broadcast on Radio One on Saturday Afternoon just before
Danny Rampling's Euromix started at 7pm. (there are sound clips
from this programme. below).
He was staying in a hotel in London over-night and was wakened
by water gushing from the over-head light fitting...
This clip tells how he dealt with bot it and the American
hotel owner/manageress.... A lesson for us all.
He died of a heart attack whilst on holiday with
his wife Sheila in South America in 2004.

His approach to listening and playing music
was and is mirrored by my own enthusiasm for
the same type of material... Long Live John Peel

2. Clips From Science Fiction Sources.
Updated - 5/5/2006.
Although not strictly 'Sci-Fi' - I had to include this clip
from my video archives as it represents part of what I feel
is the endearing quality about this story from 1982.
It has stood many repeat showings but for me, the best was the
early edition which had Bernard Cribbins narrating the story to
the music and pictures. Aled Jones also played a pivotal role
in creating what must be one of the best all-time tracks
'Walking In the Air', for this sort of book
Blade Runner. Music from the first part of the film.
The very Haunting piece 'Tales of the Future', Spoken in
Arabic with an Egyptian accent!! Believe it or not -
this piece is sung by .. Demise Roussos!! Now if only
all his other stuff had been like this... He was raised
in Egypt as a child. Most of the stuff in the song is
gibberish except 2 lines come through
'Tell me my Dear?. Tell me my Mother?
See the Engelen Blade Runner Trivia website for these details

Blade Runner. Just before end, on roof with the last of the remaining REPLICANTS.
I have seen things you people wouldn't believe
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion
I watched sea beams glitter in the darkness
for 10 hours a day
All those moments will be lost.. in time
Like tears.. in the rain, time to die
I don't know why he saved my life
Maybe in those last moments he loved life
More than he ever had before
Not just his life, anybody's life, my life
All he wanted were the same answers the rest of us want
Where do I come from, where am I going,
How long have I got
All I could do was sit there and watch him die...
Blade Runner. Music from the end sequence.
'...Gaff had been there and let her live, 4 years he figured. Tyrell told me Rachel was special, No termination date. I didn't know how long we'd have together, who does...'
2010 Space Odyssey. Last part of the end title sequence on Europa. When man is warned off. All these worlds are yours except Europa. Attempt no landing there..
The Babel fish is small, leach like and.. In fact the up-shot is if you stick one in your ear... Now it is such a bizarrely improbable thing to exist and so you prove the non-existence of God...
From Babylon 5.
G'Quan wrote, 'There is a greater darkness than the one we fight.
It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we
fight is not against powers and principalities; its is against chaos
and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope,
the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender.'
Light relief. Billy Connolly in Canberra, Australia. My favourite quote of all time!! including the nipple piercing bits. EXCELLENT. One more of us. One less of them!! EXCELLENT.
BORG. You think in such 3-dimensional terms. How small you've become..
BORG. Freedom is irrelevant, self-determination is irrelevant. You must comply..
BORG. Human we used to be exactly like them, flawed, weak, organic..
BORG. Brave words - I have heard them before...
Star Trek - TOS.
Captain Dunsel. One of your better prescription. Do you know the one ' All I ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by, you could feel the wind at the back in those days, the sound of the sea....
Danny Rampling Euromix piece featuring the voice of CARL SAGAN. You can have anything you want.
No-one saw it approach,
a small point of light lost
in the glare of the morning sun.
It had been drifting for centuries
in the inner solar system
like an ice-berg in interplanetary space...'
2010 Space Odyssey. HAL operating the Leonoff to apply sling shot so crew can get back to Earth. Will I Dream...
A.C. Clarke talking about life under the waves and its connection with ET in communication terms. Piece from Close Encounters music.. see next sound clip...
Close Encounters. The Meeting in the crater. The music sequence....Cool blue, up a Perfect 5th, raise a 2nd up an octave, so, Faster, faster, privit, privit, Arree arre aussi - lets go..
Close Encounters. The end sequence just before the mother ship arrives. The 5 Tones. Response from the mother craft. Tonal sequences... GREAT. Almost 4 mins.

2010 Space Odyssey.

Hello Penny. Hello Penny. Please talk to me. All that Dave Bowman really was is still a part of me... why are you here. Goodbye Penny. Something is going to happen... something wonderful...


2010 Space Odyssey.
What is it HAL . There is a message for you.
Message is as follows It is dangerous to
remain here. This is not a recording..
Who the hell is sending this. Who am I talking too.
The response is... I was David Bowman...
I need proof. It is important that you believe me...
look behind you... Hello Dr. Floyd.
Please, believe me - this is very difficult for me...
I don't have much time.
I'm allowed to give you this warning...
4.5 minutes. GOOD...
2010 Space Odyssey. Piece of pie, piece of cake. Dumb that's what it is.
2010 Space Odyssey. Try not to get it mad. Dumb. Easy as cake Huh. Easy as Pie, easy as pie.
Star Trek - TNG. J.L. Picard. Engage...
2010 Space Odyssey. Good Morning Dr. Chandra- I am ready for my 1st test.
2010 Space Odyssey.
HAL - do you read me. Yes Dave.
I have new instructions for you.
I want you to point the AE35 antenna
toward Earth... Accept priority override alpha..
here are the AE35 co-ordinates.
It is good to be working with you again Dave....
Now there is one final message for you to
transmit to Earth.... What is going to happen Dave...
Something wonderful...
Lock confirmed on Beacon Terra One.
Message commences...
All these worlds are yours, except Europa...

2010 Space Odyssey. Good Morning HAL, Good morning Dr. Chandra. I have the greatest enthusiasm for the mission...
HHGTTG. Introductory music from the TV show. This is the story of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. ...
Better selling than 54 more things to do in zero gravity....It scores over the older, more pedestrian work in two important ways, 1st, it is slightly cheaper, and second it has the words DON'T PANIC inscribed in large, friendly letters on the cover...
BORG. I am Locutus of Borg. resistance is futile.
BORG. From this time forward you will service... US
Red Dwarf. Advice against living and working in ... SWINDON...
Well for the last few minutes Sir you have been dead. Wow - how does it feel. Have you ever been to Swindon...
Red Dwarf. Can you tell me what this new formula is for..
A real good rendition of the '...stupidy
sciencey brain-box stuff',
'You'll need to ask the professor ...

Star Trek - 30th Anniversary. May Jameson puts the whole series into perspective.
'The Creativity that brings about a Star Trek,
springs from the very same source as the
creativity that searches for the cures for
debilitating diseases or that launches
a Space Shuttle.'
'Our fantasies are The Stepping Stones
to Our Realities. The better our fantasies
can be the better our realities can become.
Star Trek is one of our very best fantasies.'
3. Clips From Dance/Trance Sources.
(Miscellaneous Clips from LGDP etc.)
Updated - 5/5/2006.
Danny Rampling slamming the mix. Love-grooves to the house nation.
Rampling in the mix on 1FM. .
The 1FM lgdp in the mix.
The lgdp Euromix, remix, remix,
Rampling you're slamming the mix man Euro-style. Remix.. remix.... Get real, get ready.
The 1FM lgdp in the mix.
Danny Rampling on your radio. How big does it go... Oooo just the right size, Fierce child..
Going to wobble in search of those hot crummy babes...
Turn up the power on 1FM.
Rampling, rock... Lurve grooves, lurve grooves, the 1FM lgdp. How can you say.. I love it - I do I do love it.. 0
Manchester, Glasgow,Birmingham Newcastle..Nationwide. Rampling rock on till...
The Mix continues, love grooves, love grooves, the music from DR pure and sexy..
The 1FM lgdp in the mix, instrumental mainly.
The essen, the essential, It all sounds exactly the same to me, Vera Lynn, Now thats Dance Music. I wouldn't have my children listening to this....
Bad House Musiiiiiiiiicccccccc.
Danny Rampling turn him up and turn on your neighbours. Instrumental. Good.
Catchy, trancey piece. How fantastic... You are tuned to the man like Danny Rampling on 1FM, Chacko...
We are gonna do a little sonmg for you night-club people, you are night club people..
The essential selection on radio1,radio1, radio1. Disco Droids..
Radio 1 essential selection. Are you a train spotter... choo..choo. Ha ha ha..
21 seconds and we are going for autoi sequence, whose got the power- Pete Tong's got the power...
Go on Pete Large it... Instrumental..
99FM the hottest number on the dial - Radio1...
Issential, Issential, Issentail, Issential, Issential, Issentail, Issential, Issential, Issentail...
Go on Pete Large it....then instrumntal..
Instrumental, followed by female voice...
We are gonna do a little song for you night club people - you are night club people...the Freaks Come Out....
The all new cool-cuts count down. Number One...
21 seconds and we are going for Auto sequence. Whose got the power- Pete Tongs got the power. The Essentila selection on Radio 1..
'Children' by Robert Miles on decontruction. Love Grooves to the house Nation
The lgdp Euromix ....Its a dis-enchanted generation continually searching for new kicks....
Instrumental...Danny Rampling on Saturday Night...
Instrumental... Its a dis-enchanted ... generation.. Radio 1 Nation-wide...
Rampling you're slamming the mix euro-style....
Instrumental. Radio 1 Nation-wide. .
Instrumental... Rampling on your radio. The ldgp in the mix. Get me in the night, get me in the night...
We go MC Kinky, Exclusive, exclusive, exclusive... Remix, remix, remix,....
On 97-99FM Radio 1....Instrumental, choir-ish, .
Instrumental.. Human teleportation, molecular dessimation is inherently... Eye you we're keeepin it live on the lgdp...
DR live Saturday night on One FM. The One FM lgdp in the mix. Good grief I've won 8 million quid...
We'll do it for you... And a shout to... Hi to Sarah, Gail Anita, Jane who are all single and on the look out is the message who are also down at the Hippo in Cardiff. We go jungle hi, juno reactor for all those travelling to S.E. Asia for those mid-winter beach parties...
Dave Pierce - Saturday night Radio 1. Instrumental...Weird sounds... female sounds... trancey. GOOD.
Instrumental, 97-99 FM the hottest numbers on the dial - Radio 1.... techno/trace. I can see in dreams...GOOD...
Im sorry but the person you are calling is not available. 1st new message. Thsi is Lisa Loud...
21 secs and we're going for auto-sequence. T-10 secs.. Whose got the power- Pete Tong's got the power. The essential selection on Radio 1. Okay you can start your work out now.... .
Radio Onme Nationwide. Pumping your Saturday evening. DR in the mix..
Instrumental. Bad House Musicccc. 97-99FM the hottest numbers on the dial Radio 1...
Instrumental. 97-99FM the hottest numbers on the dial Radio 1...
Instrumental. Female vocals Oaya oaya, oyaha ohayaha... oyaha oyaha....GOOD.
Pete Tong's essential selection - the weekend's arousal, arousal, arousal. Instrumental...
Instrumental. Need to say-it, say-it., say-it...trancey/weird, To say, to say, to say, say-it, say-it, How are today..
This is Celine Delion. I believe. Bad House Music. Exclusive, exclusive...I believe, I believe...
The Essential selection on Radio 1. This week's movers and shakers. Instrumental, long. GOOD...
The Essential selection on Radio 1, Radio 1, Radio 1, Radio 1. And here's one for you cream courtyard people. You are courtyard people aren't you. Guitar/trancey instrumental. GOOD...
Instrumental... Sci-Fi sort of thing - bit trancey with racing background...almost 3 minutes long! GOOD.
Instrumental... weird. Danny Rampling working the mix..ends with Ray of light from Madonna verbals.
Instrumental. The lgdp Euro-mix on 97-99FM radio 1..
Instrumental. The whole world is waiting, for this will decide the fate of our civilisation and all humanity - whether we live or die depends...
Instrumental. Beaty/racey. We take a trip to the back-yard. GOOD. 2.5 minutes long.
4. Sound Clips From Dance/Trance Sources.
(Specific Clips from LGDP etc.)
Updated - 5/5/2006.
Trancy piece, a lot of instruments, some over-talking. Good,
Atoms in the universe piece. Fair.
The Best. Justine out of Italy on UMM with the best thing since sliced-bread. Be Sexty. Hm. Hmmm.
Brian Transeau (BT), and Blue Skies, East-West, a deep dish re-mix. Over talking ... just the right size, Hm Hm Hm,
A bit about Pure Sex. Hmmm and give it a trim mate! Brian Transeau (BT), and Blue Skies, East-West, a deep dish re-mix. Over talking ... just the right size, Hm Hm Hm,
WOW. One of the absolute BEST. Channel #5. I feel divine. In Hollywood, a girls first shoot is much less important than her hairdo they will pay you a thousand dollars for a gift and 50c for your soul.
Trancey piece. GOOD.
One of the BEST. Dave Stewart, ex Eurythmics playing the music which BT (phones) used in one of their commercials. .
John Digweed plays Chakra from the 'Winning Ticket' CD. Again the BEST in trancey type hard stuff...
WOW, Again one of the best. Intro from a DJ then the piece from South Africa.. Dream Catcher. What A title. VERY GOOD.
Well here you have it - the best at this Summer's Ibiza bashes. and the cause of all the world's bad weather- well part of the cause. El Nino - a South (American) Pacific current - now flowing in the wrong place!! Tears the rooves off night clubs - in other words it does exactly what it says on the sleeve!!
Hahem, friend of mine from Mexico City. EsperanZa (hope in english), very good...
Another Ibiza best and now in the charts(Yuk). The Freaks Come Out, back 2-3-4, forward 2-3-4...
ever felt your life meant more than what it appeared to be at first sight. Maybe you are a game-master....
Goa trance type piece, early morning sunrise, view over the ocean type pice. V.GOOD
Judge Jools intros a fast moving vocal piece.. Good.
Dannny Rampling provarocating on the 5-year sentence handed out to someone who tried to brighten up their environment with some artisic grafiti art....
'Another thing I learned from Punk was this - A good idea attempted is better than a bad idea perfected....' The Master, John Peel and others talking about his almost perfect record - The Undertones - Teenage Kicks.
Well what can I say, LAtex, LEather, FUr and FEather LALEFUFE), Pete Tong introing a piece, gagging for it... well ..of fetish talk...
Introing the programme 'and the Moon and the Stars , and a different day...', Go on Pete LARGE it.
Catchy piece from the Essential selection. 'Couldnt live with Tommy before, I would have loved you so much more....'
Fast moving piece, There MUST be a future...There must be a future we can choose for ourselves...Bit trancey...
Fast paced, arent they all. A bit reminiscent of parts of Blade Runner...Good.
The video even better. But here's the clip from the UK Channel 4
TV program - BPM - this is by Orson Carte - yeah believe it or not
I.. know how you feel , I'm feeling it too, All my heart I dream of you, Searching skies I need you, I miss you. Still searching... I... I... I... I...WOW ]]GREAT[[...
Sci-Fi type piece. By having these arrays over a very large area... you have this large information gathering power. X-files-ish. Good.
The Love Groove Dance Party, the Spice of Life.. Expands Consciousness.. The Spice of Life... Psychedelic Trance c/o Danny Rampling on Transient records...
Has to be another all-time GREAT. c/o of the boss - Danny Rampling. Its calling, calling, calling..
Play this when you are in the mood and see what happens - rubber up and let it go...! Phew....
They have all used this now. A Treat In For Me, Heard it months ago and thought it was good. Now everyone know it.
Piece from the Club Fetish CD, TRIBAL by Mano Destra, See Modern Primitives.
Can't say I'm an X-Files fan but this re-mix played by Danny Rampling on the EuroMix is Good.

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