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Just having a quick one before visting Madamme Rosa's Shoe Shop in the Market Place in Nice..

Images on these and subsequent pages have been obtained from the author's own work through a continuous development process. There are no images which have been copied from anywhere!

All other non-attributed graphical and textual content is © Digital MagiK, 2010 (The Continuing Odyssey).

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I use Lview PRO and PaintShop Pro 9
but my main app. is of course Photoshop CS4 and for me is pretty much the ultimate in image manipulation and processing packages. Many, many great features to many to list here!. In addition Lightroom II has now become a much used photo editing tool, before the excursion into Photoshop for final processing, if any

A good imagination, some experience and plenty of resources - including a Canon EOS40D, Manfrotto Tripod, Canon 430EXII Flash, Kood ND Gradient & coloured Filters, remote shutter wireless release etc etc, my own drawing skills as well as a view out the window into infinity!.

These series of works have been on the mind of the artist for a number of months. It wasn't until becoming fully conversant with the many facilities of Photoshop 6, Paint Shop Pro 5 and having access to a variety of multi-media sources that these works became possible. Much of the imagery comes from the artists own personal drawings over a number of years and is keenly influenced by traditional Fetish Imagery. Each image consists of scanned drawings or photographs taken whilst on holiday or just out-and-about seeking inspiration. In addition material is also taken from images from stock libraries which have been subsequently manipulated in PhotoShop. Influences include images taken from a wide variety of sources in life, by the traditional drawings of ENEG, Jim and Stanton and the current trends of the new graphic artists as exemplified in

or the Swedish based magazine
All this is leading to a new exciting era in sensual experience which together with the now well established dance-music craze (thanks to Danny Rampling and Pete Tong, amongst others here) produces an environment rich in lively and exciting source material. An AMD 1.7 GHz Processor, 250Gby, 7k2 disk, 1Gby SDRAM, Wacom graphics tablet, 250Mby ZIP, 2 Dual layer DVD Writers
a new Matrox Dual Head AGP graphics card supporting both an AOC 17" and Benq FP202 Landscape TFT displays, a HP 1220C A3 inkjet printer (getting a bit old now, but still works). All sooooooperb... A WACOM ArtzII 12x12 has been invaluable ... Fuji FinePix 4900 & 7000 Digital Cameras and filters The latter has already made a huge impact on the Photographic side of my work... All these and more help to make the system fast enough not to despair!! A broadband ADSL cable modem has made interacting with the Net, at 4Mbit, a dream... This along with a broad and ever changing outlook onto a new and exciting world all makes for an interesting and exciting future....

October 20th 2003 - November 2007
Emmigration to Australia. see the Arts Connects web site -

In the Photographic and Digital Artists section.

December 2007 - September 2008
Back in the UK, see Galleries #6 and #7 for the latest work undertaken here....