Brief Biography

The Artist graduated from the Manchester Regional College
of Art in 1973 with a B.A. in Three Dimensional design; with a
B.Sc.(Univ. Leeds) in Physics and Astronomy in 1980, an
M.Sc.(Univ. Manchester) in 1981and a Ph.D.(Univ. Ctl. Lancs.)
followed in 1986. He taught for 4 years in a School of Art and
Design in the 1970's and has since followed a somewhat varied
career calling on the experiences gained from a background in
both the Arts and Sciences. This has led to a colourful approach
in his current work which has finally borne fruit after geminating
in the mind for a number of years

These series of works have finally been made possible by
becoming fully conversant with the many facilities of Photoshop 7,
Paint Shop Pro-4, 3D FX and having access to a variety of
multi-media resources. Much of the imagery comes from
the artists own personal drawings over a number of years and
is keenly influenced by traditional Fetish/Fantasy Imagery. Each
image consists of scanned drawings or photographs taken whilst
out and about seeking inspiration or whilst listening to music.
All resource material is subsequently manipulated in PhotoShop.

Influences come from images from a wide variety of sources,
from experiences in life, by the traditional drawings of Eneg,
Jim, Allen Jones, Stanton and the current trends of the new
graphic artists such as Giger, Steve Stone and Kathy Hamon
and David Ho as exemplified in Computer Arts & MAC Art and
Design (see Issue#23). All this is leading to a new exciting era
in sensual experience which together with the now well established
dance-music craze (thanks to Seb Fontaine, Danny Rampling,
Judge Jools and Pete Tong amongst others) produces an environment
rich in lively and exciting source material.

An AMD 1.7 GHz Processor, twin 250Gby, 7k2 disk, 1Gby SDRAM,
Wacom graphics tablet, 2 dual layer DVD drives, a new Matrox
Dual Head AGP graphics card supporting twin Benq Landscape TFT
displays, a HP 1220C A3 inkjet printer
A WACOM ArtzII 12x12 has been invaluable
and finally, a Canon EOS40D Camera and associated equipment.
The latter has already made a huge impact on the
Photographic side of my work...
All these and more help to make the system fast enough not to despair!!
A broadband ADSLII modem has made interacting with the Net
at 3Mbit a dream...
This along with a broad and ever changing outlook onto a new and
exciting world all makes for an interesting and vibrant future....

October 20th 2003
The future now has expanded somewhat
as I have now emmigrated to Australia
- where - I hope to continue with some new work
in this Great South Land.
Rigours of my day-time job permitting... :-)

March 2006,
Almost ready to apply for Australian Citizenship... :--))

August 2007
We have now attained Australian Citizenship so
we now have dual nationality. It was a great day
and a very happy occasion - we were really made to
feel welcome by Mr. Wayne Berry, Speaker at the
Legislative Assembly, in Canberra.

Before leaving for the UK, see below, I had
an exhibition at GODS cafe on the ANU
campus in Canberra. This was an exhibition of
4 areas of work I have concentrated on whist in
Australai and just before and reflects the
eclectic nature of the work I am involved with.
The exhibition was on for 7 weeeks and was very
well received. The 6 pictures below show the full
extent of the work and the whole exhibition in
featured in gallery 6

Exhibition at 'GODS' Cafe

November 2007
We have planned and are just about to start
on a return trip to the UK. This is for family
reasons and we plan to be away for about 6 months

During this period we will be living in the
Peak District near Sheffield in a farm cottage
and I plan to continue my photographic and other
art work

May 2008
We have now come through the family events which
brought us back to the UK, namely the birth of our
daughter and partner's little boy, Oscar.

Its been a busy time and alond with other matters has
kept us active here for the last 6 months.

I have also completed a lot of photographic work and
plan to put up 2 new galleries, illustrating this work.
This will be in Photo Galleries 7 and 8, with the GODS
exhibition work now in gallery 6.

21st September 2008
Bilbo and Frod's birthday and we set off back for
Australia and a further 18 months work before
once again setting off back once gain to the
UK sometime during May of 2010. This is to be
a much more permenant stay, though we still have
our house in Australia, for possible future Returns.
Our home is now to be, back in the UK, in the
Peak District, close to Sheffield...

18 April 2010

That's all for now...