The Shadows are Blue - BODYWORSHIP
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We love the theatre of the street.
We love the beautiful beaches and the clear blue sea.
We love the unique mix of people and cultures.
We love the chill-out sunset bars.
We love the power of Es Vedra.
We love the Discobus.
We love the hippy markets.
We love the sheer excess of the West End.
We love thongs.
We love it when a plane flies low over Bora Bora,
lower still over Space,
or almost grazes the roof of DC10,
because it means that more new people
are arriving to join the party....

We love the drums at Benirras.
We love the little bars and restaurants of Sa Penya.
We love trannies.
We love the smiling happy faces, they really gee you up.
We love the spiritual places that we can't mention
because they're special.
We love that older people can feel
totally comfortable in 'trendy' clubs.
We love Jose Padilla.
We love open air parties in the hills.
We love the sexiness of Sa Trincha.
We love Talamanca too.
We love the continual club poster blitz.
We love cruising along the walls of the old town.
We love KM5.
We love the wild dress sense.
We love that so many promoters dare to try...

We love Pacha for what it means.
We love the breathtaking enormity of Privilege.
We love the opulence of Es Paradis.
We love Eden for trying to match their standards.
We love the sunrises in the East.
We love how unknown DJ's can arrive
with a box of records
and a few weeks later become famous.
We love the country side
We love the eroticism.
We love the continual sunshine.
We love the view of Dalt Vila
from the terrace at El Divino.
We love the club dancers.
We love 80s pop acts at Summum on Fridays.
We love Croissant Show.
We love the trashiness...

We love the whole amazing Kumharas experience.
We love Zenith for being an island-based promoter
facing up to overwhelming invasion forces.
We love holiday reps.
We love see through clothing.
We love Coco Loco at Amnesia.
We love the enthusiasm of those hyped-up,
crazy kids who run around Manumission in fancy dress.
We love that anyone who wants to be
A part of it, can be.

And we love the music.

When all this
And far more,
Is said and done,
We love Ibiza.

(Ronnie Randall, DJ Magazine, Summer 1999)

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