The Shadows are Blue - THE STARGATE
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Star Trek TNG

'...James Moonie Macalester?, the guy never slept.'
'He would be studying his algorithms 'till dawn.'
'The only way I could get any sleep was to wear a MASK..'
'You could have changed room-mate'.
'Are you kidding, Macalester got me through 4th year
Quantum Chemistry... besides... I got used to wearing it'.
'There was something about it that reminds me of
being in the the womb...'
'Harry, in order to be reminded of something you have to 1st...'
'I remember being in my mother's womb. Right. I do...'
'So, what is it you have to show me...'
'Nothing that's going to compare with that memory of
being in your mother's womb!!!'

All Good Things

(Last episode of Star Trek,
The Next Generation).

"...If you can't take a bloody nose
Maybe you ought to go back home
And, crawl under your bed.

It's not safe out here
It's wonderous
With treasures to satiate desires
both subtle and gross...
But it's not for the timid...."

Spoken by Q to Picard...

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