Other Work, Other Worlds - AGE OF REASON
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Miscellaneous Quotes

Your heart is free-
Have the courage to follow it.
That is all anyone
of us can do,
If we give ourselves
The Permission...

The Tale of Years

The value of life lies
Not in the length of days
But in the use we make of them
Satisfaction in life depends
Not on your tale of years
But On your Will...

A piece from Babylon 5

Je Quan wrote, 'there is a greater darkness.
The war we fight is not against
powers and principalities
it is against chaos and despair.
Against this peril we can not surrender...

Who would you be
If there was no praise
or blame...

Be in the action
as the mother is in the child

There are no rules...
Only those we choose to break...

The future belongs to the generalists...

and one more......
Pain rides tight,
On pleasures back...

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