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The Times Gone By

Remember how we spent the nighttime counting out the stars
Too late for the beach, too early for the stars
All of us together would raise our glasses high
and drink a toast to Times Gone By.

The times, oh we had some times
when the world was the color of neon signs
Each of us and all of us killed our dreams with rye
and tried to crowd a lifetime into times gone by.

Remember how the Sunday morning bells were always ringing
and out along the waterfront we'd hear the big men singing
In some long-forgotten time, some August or July.
Even then we'd talk about the times gone by.

The times, oh we had some times
when love cost only nickles and dimes.
Always when our secret needs were hard to satisfy
we'd talk of going back again to times gone by.

. Remember how we talked and laughed and cried into the dawning
and the terrible taste of kisses in the morning.
Crowded rooms and lonesome tunes and very liitle sky.
even then the better times were times gone by.

The times, you know we had some times
with gentle women and vintage wines.
But that was when we didn't know our youth was passing by.
Now, all we have to think about, are Times Gone By...
McKuen, Times Gone By

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