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What you think of yourself
shows others,
No matter how you approach,
still see you.
They see your love,
And they see your hate.
In my experience
What we love
And what we hate
makes us, and eventually breaks us.
There's nothing wrong with hate -
it's a degree of love.
There's nothing wrong with love -
It's a measurement of our soul.
What we love,
and how in turn we are loved
Tempers our existence;
our hearts....

A Secret Place

I'm tossing and turning
Night after night
My mind plays tricks
And everythings suddenly allright.
I go to a place nobody knows
Its a place where your dream grows.
You can only go to this place un-expected.
You are not invited or anticipated.
You arrive because your heart is weak.
You arrive when your soul will not speak.
You awaken grabbing at this place.
Needing and wanting its addictive grace.
But you know within your mind
Its a place you go when
The answer you can not find
You will never know this place
But evertime you sleep
You are where everything is
and will stay in your keep

(Pieces by Lucie R. Oates, 24th.
August 1999)

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