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The Night Freight to the Stars

For three generations of the kind
there was, as an ever-present, but almost
unperceived, part of its life, a sound
that beckoned, a call that pierced the night,
carrying the news that there was a way, not
so very difficult, to leave the vast pillared
citadels, dotted around an increasingly
shrinking coast. It was the wail of
the night freight, as haunting and evocative
as the cry of the loon. It was a constant
re-minder that there were vehicles, devices,
which, if boarded, could propel them, at high
velocity, out of their congested world into
a vaster universe of forests and deserts,
seacoasts and cities..........

Especially in the capital conurbations,
but perhaps over much of their world,
few of them travelled this way.
There were whole generations growing up
which had never heard that siren call.

This was the time for the homogenization
of their world, when the diversities of
societies were eroding, when a global
civilization started to emerge.
There were no exotic places left on
their world to dream about.

And so, for this reason, there remained
an even greater and more poignant need
to construct a vehicle, a device,
to get them somewhere else.
Not all, only a few maybe, to the deserts of
their Moon, or to the ancient seacoasts
of the planetary systems around their twin,
sister Sun, or to the forests of the sky...>>>

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