The Undiscovered Country - THE OUTBACK
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30th Anniversary of the TV Series

'Thank you Buzz, Ladies and Gentlemen.'
'The importance of Star Trek to me is
the society that it created.
The characters to speak to us and the plots that
help us examine our own world in a new light.'
'I was excited to have a small role in Star Trek
and it wasn't just to meet Worf
but really to underscore the connection between
Fantasy and Reality.'

'The Creativity that brings about a Star Trek,
springs from the very same source as the creativity
that searches for the cures for debilitating diseases
or that launches a Space Shuttle.'
'Our fantasies are
The Stepping Stones to Our Realities.'
'The better our fantasies can be
the better our realities can become.'
'Star Trek is one of our very best fantasies.'

'So, it is with a sense of honour and camaradarie
that NASA,
the National Aeronautic and Space Administration
presents these flags, flown in space
aboard the Shuttle Atlantis
and the Russian Space Station Mir,
To the crews of the Starship Enterprise
and Voyager and the station Deep Space Nine.'
'It says...'
'Presented in recognition of your role
in inspiring the boldest spirit of exploration
and helping us all see the tremendous
possibilities for the future of humankind...'

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