Photo Imagery #7, Peak District II
Lady Bower - Early Morning

Over the Derwent Valley-6, 90k

Early Morning, Waterfall-0, 387k

Early Morning-2, 82k

Early Morning-3, 191k

Early Morning-6, 69k

Early Morning-8, 1632

Early Morning-9, 165k

Early Morning Stillnes-0, 161k

Early Morning Stillnes-1, 146k

Early Morning Stillnes-2, 109k

Early Morning Stillnes-3, 168k

Early Morning Stillnes-4, 124k

Early Morning Stillnes-5, 145k

Early Morning Stillnes-6, 145k
Photo Imagery #7, Peak District II
Chatsworth House

Damien Hirst-1, 263k

Damien Hirst-9, 280k

Guardian Angel-14, 353k

Guardian Angel-15, 449k

Entry to House-16, 241k

Tree in Garden-20, 321k
Photo Imagery #7, Peak District II
Stannage Edge

Clouds Over Stannage-12, 108k

Clouds Over Stannage-13, 116k

Clouds Over Stannage-21, 125k

Mosaic Image from Stannage-22/23, 155k

Black Slab-29, 305k
Miscellaneous, Out and About

Bridlington Beach-8, 175k

Damflask Reservoir-0, 491k

Harbour Sunset, Hull-1, 176k

Harbour Sunset, Hull-2, 191k

Humber Bridge, Hull-1, 594k

Snow Fall, Stannington-0(sep), 327k

Car Park and Orgreave-1, 114k

Distant Orgreave-2, 115k

Trees and Roots, River Cam-2, 520k
Tinsley Marshalling Yard

Past with Present, Tinsley-02, 273k

Past with Present, Tinsley-04, 232k

Past with Present, Tinsley-12, 204k

Past with Present, Tinsley-15, 251k

Past with Present, Tinsley-21, 591k

Past with Present, Tinsley-24, 613k

Past with Present, Tinsley-26, 581k

Past with Present, Tinsley-27, 603k

Past with Present, Tinsley-29, 629k

Past with Present, Tinsley-31, 616k

Past with Present, Tinsley-33, 598k
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