The Great South Land - WARRIWOOD
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Standing at the limit of an endless ocean
Standing like a runaway lost at sea
City on a rainy day down in the harbour
Watching as the grey clouds shadow the bay
Looking everywhere because I had to find you
This is not the way I rememeber it here
Anyone will tell you its a prison Island
Hidden in the Summer for a million years
Great Southern Land
Great Southern Land

Burn you black
So you're looking to the land it will tell you a story
Story about a journey that ended long ago
Listen to the motion of the wind in the mountain
Maybe you can hear them talking like I do
They're gonna betray you, they're gonna forget you
Are you gonna let them take you over that way
Great Southern Land
Great Southern Land

You walk alone, like a primitive man
In the naked world, with sticks and bones
See their hungry eyes, Its a hungry home
I hear the sound of the stranger's voices
See their hungry eyes, See their hungry eyes
Great Southern Land
Great Southern Land

They burnt you black, against the ground ->

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