The Symbiont within Kilauea - TIMESCAPE I

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'You mean there's something more
remarkable about you?
'We learn so quickly what stimulates a man,
so that the second time
is even better than the first.'

'Is it time???'
'I will never truly love him.'
'You've not even met him.'
'It no longer matters.'
'I wish I could convey to you what it's like
to be a metamorph.'

To feel the inner strength of someone
To realise that being with them,
is opening your mind and heart
to endless new possibilities...
'For a metamorph there is no greater
pleasure and no greater wish than to
bond with that kind of mate at the end
of the Finiis'ral as
I have bonded with you…'
'With me???'
'who I am today - I will be forever…'

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