The Symbiont within Kilauea - CREATURES I

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Tales of the Future

ibal lahl arou-sah om-yah-lee
yah al-bil kou-rou-dil menyaah

is-bahl kou-tul - ham-mahn ou-saw
ahl-bi yam-mil kaw-lil laah
is-bahl ahl-bi im-mil mous-saw heenal - my-dil
has-bi kaw-lahl arah-baw heena yas'a-lou-na il
'araw-til - eehl laah

fis-'ahm mil kaw-waah-reeh yaah
mi-'aa-nihl kou-laah- aah - leeh - aah
Ay-nah ou-saw kooh nahn min kah-rah-baw
has-di khamf 'alah ay-nahl musam-meh il-lah tou-lihl kah-reeb

has-dihl kou-toh ub-beehl ul-ou-saw
wah oul-leel-arah-baw - wah oul-leel-arah-baw - wah oul-leel-
yaa hub-bi al-mas-daw-nih ah-naay as-dee lil-kou-ral yaah

mis-'aal bar'oun-nih ya 'es-ta-khal-lahl
'am-duh uhm-mee a-raah kah - yum-mi yam-mah
as-dee naa-bi yam-mah - al-kharou-si yam-ma

as-ta-wou lee il-lee yam-mah li-laah
uk-rou 'ou-lee il-oh-daah daw-wah

oul-lee ya ahl-bi
oul-lee ya um-mee
oul-lee ya sa-hib

Tears in the Rain

(spoken by Roy)

I've seen things
you people wouldn't believe,
... attack ships on fire
off the shoulder of Orion.
I've watched C Beams glitter in the dark
near the Tannhauser Gate.
All those momments,
will be lost in time
like tears in the rain...
... time .. to die ...

(spoken by Deckard)

I don't know why he saved my life
Maybe in those last moments
he loved life
More than he ever had before
Not just his life,
anybody's life,
my life...

All he wanted were the same answers
the rest of us want
Where do I come from,
where am I going,
How long have I got
All I could do was sit there
and watch him die...

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