The Symbiont within Kilauea - TRIFFID

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The Making of Star Trek

The rim of star-light
My love
Is wandering in star-flight
I know
He'll find in star-clustered reaches
Strange love, a star-woman teaches
I know
His journey ends never
His Star-Trek
Will go on for-ever
But tell him
As he wanders this starry sea
Remember, remember, me....

From The Lord of the Rings

`Are these magic cloaks?' asked Pippin,
looking at them with wonder.
`I do not know what you mean by that,'
answered the leader of the Elves.
`They are fair garments, and the web is good,
for it was made in this land.
They are elvish robes certainly,
if that is what you mean.
Leaf and branch, water and stone:
they have the hue and beauty
of all these things under the twilight
of Lorien that we love;
for we put the thought of all that we love
into all that we make.

It is long, long, since we met
By stock or by stone.
A Vanimar Vanimalion nostari. He said.
It is sad that we should meet
Only thus at the ending.
For the world is changing:
I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth,
And I smell it in the air.
I do not think we shall meet again.
And Celeborn said, 'I do not know Eldest'
But Galadriel said,
'Not in Middle-earth, nor until the lands
that lie under the wave are lifted up again.
Then in the willow meads of Tasarinan
We may neet in the spring. Farewell...

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