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Local Sheffield Artist at the London Road Gallery.
Adrian's photo work, excellently illustrated in his
book 'A View of Sheffield',
and shows pictures of an industrial Sheffield being trtansformed in
the years 1982-1992. Some real nice pictures in there
Especially if you know Sheffield and Rotherham as I do...
Another local Sheffield Artist at the London Road Gallery.
Berris's photo work again shows pictures of an industrial
Sheffield being transformed in the years 1982-1992. Again some
excellent pictures of Sheffield and other locations round the world...
One of the all-time great Photographers Bob Carlos Clarke Has committed suicide at the age of 55.
He was born in Cork, Ireland in 1950, and came to England in
1964 to study art and design at The West Sussex College of Art
where he developed an interest in photography. He then went on
to The London College of Printing, before completing his degree
at the Royal College of Art in 1975. He worked in almost every
sphere of photography, winning numerous awards for his high-profile
advertising campaigns, recognition for his photojournalism and
portraits of celebrities, and international acclaim from collectors
of fine prints. He produced five books: The Illustrated Delta of Venus (1979),
Obsession (1981), The Dark Summer (1985), White Heat (1990),
and Shooting Sex (2003).
Strange Website, Derelict London showing lots of quirky places in London. These must represent some great photo shoots for the aspiring photographers..
Great Site - Take a look...
Australian Art-Link Pages. Artlink covers contemporary art in Australia and through its networking with the national and international scene, provides a context for evaluation and analysis. It regularly produces Special Issues on specific areas, and undertakes major theme-based features
Allen Jones - 60's Fetish Artist.
For obver 40 years Allen Jones has been one of the all-time greats with his bent for high heels and tight fitting clothes in his 2D and 3D sculptures. His 2 seminal books, 'Allen Jones Figures' & 'Allen Jones Drawings' were kept under lock and key in the Library at the Regional College of Art & Design in Manchester in the early 1970's. One had to go and ask for the key to get the books out to have a look at what all the fuss was about... seems rather absurd now!!!
Blade Runner site devorted to the words, music and interpreation
Has the text version of all the 2 CD set of Blade Runner CDs taken
from the film. Good to be able to tell what some of the stuff is and means!!!
Another Blade Runner Site containing much trivia .. Also a page of text quotes from the film and the latest on new release of the film!!!

And another... Blade Runner Site containing much..
The 'Official' Electric Sheep on-line magazine..

And finally - The site if the person who started it all Philip K. Dick. Site containing much information about the man who wrote 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep' and which then promoted the film produced by Ridley Scott
The 'Official' PKD website.

The Latest site for the new motion picture
The Lord of the Rings
A long time favourite book of mine
Great site - with some movie clips and
a chronology of the film..
Best film ever made - NO!!! What is
The Matrix Close to one of my all-time
favourite movies. Lots and lots of obvious
reasons. Good pics and video clips -
though rather large in size...
Close to one of my all-time favourite
movies, again!!! Preaching to the Perverted Lots and lots and lots of obvious reasons Great story! Great clothes, great tongue-in-cheek (as it were) treatment of SnM...
Another good movie, Razor Blade Smile
Lots of obvious reasons....
Great story! Great clothes, great
tongue-in-cheek (as it were) treatment of
Vampire movies, a bit gory but well - heh...
The popularity of The Borg in Star Trek has produced some good sites For my money this is the best. Excellent feel to the site. Good material - images and sound clips And 2 or 3 excellent Flash 4 video clips.
A must to check out...
The BEST Star Trek web-site on the Net! No joking. Excellent videos, pictures and a host of sound clips from all the series and all the films.
Tick VG...
The Closest You can come to Fantasy and
the collective in S. Yorkshire...??
Steve also has a great book out -
now called Nexus DNA
see his web page for details.
Virtual Reality from Char Davies at
SoftImage in Canada. This stuff is GREAT.
Hope she continues and finds the true path to the out-yonder...
'Digital Artist' Welcome to the portfolio of Original Digital Art by Colchester Artist T.W.Pinfold...
Well presented site of digital Fantasy Art
Check it out...
The Swedish based Art/Design magazine.
(Issue #23 features work by your's truly..)
The UK Based Computer Arts Magazine.
Great series of Photoshop tutorials
which have now been collected
together in a magazine of their own
all for 5 quid. Check out Computer Arts (UK)
Red Seal Design Partnership in South Wales
Hundreds of Royalty Free Images on the Net.
The Infamous Doctor Ozone and great Photoshop Tutorials...
More Excellent Photoshop tutorials aka doc Ozone. Live long and prosper..
Good site for digital Art work - check them out... ..
Skin Two is the UK based Pervy Fetish, Rubber and more, magazine. One of the Original greats, evolved from the Skin Two and Maitresse clubs in London in the early 80's.. Been around since 1984 when the 1st issues were put together by Tim Woodward and Grace Lau in Tim's kitchen. They have continued to support a growing group of folk who believe in an alternative sexual expression, of which I am happy to be a member!
Express Yourself...
One of the all time great fantasy Artists from the 50s/60s/70s, now sadly deceased. Taschen have a book out on him...
Another gallery dedicated to one of the all time masters - Eric Stanton.
Born September 30th, 1926, Died March 17th 1999.
4F, Rik Van Koert, Pervy graphic Artist. What he can't do with Photoshop and the feamle form in tight-fitting latex attire isn't worth knowing!!
Sandy Gardner's Gallery, Winner of the 1998 Adobe Calendar competition...
The Arts Connect Website - Featuring many Australian artists of many skills and persuasion - Also features - your truly.
Great site for on-line resources - check it out
The StrathNairn Gallery Space on the outskirts of Canberra. Set in an Idylic location in the North part of the City - close to where I live in Fraser. They venue artists and have a great sculpture garden. See what's on offer at Strathnairn
The Australian Photographic Society
of which I am currently a member of. Has many features which the photographer can make use of. It also has many sections covering a wide variety of 2D imaging.
Eg. photography, digital, slides etc. The site represents a great venue for seeing how to do good photography and much much more.
Great site for on-line resources - check it out
The Australian Canberra Contemporary Art Space here in the ACT
This organisation is sponsored by the Australian Arts Council, among others and represents a venue for up and coming artists to exhibit their work. It is also possible to obtain studio space for varying lengths of time and undertake exhibitions with them..
Great site for new wotk in the ACT and beyond - check it out
The Australian Centre for Photography.
Australian Centre for Photography is supported by the NSW Government through the NSW Ministry for the Arts, the Australia Council, the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body, and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments.
Great site - check it out

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